Assistive Living

Assistive Living at Beechwood Homes

You, like many other seniors, are often waiting until much later in life to downsize and transition. Your independence is important; however, you may face a few medical challenges that may exclude you from living in or moving into a senior independent apartment. Horizons is our “Assistive Living” facility located on the Beechwood campus. This new specialty care program that looks and feels like an assisted living environment and costs the same as assisted living; however, residents have immediate access to advanced nursing and medical care.

How is this different from Assisted Living….In an assisted living facility, if a resident experiences even a minor change in their medical condition, the facility is NOT allowed to provide the immediate nursing care and that the resident must be sent to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

These trips to the hospital often result in an extended hospital stay, followed by a lengthy stay at a rehabilitation center, before ideally a return transfer back to the resident’s assisted living facility.

At Beechwood, in our Horizons unit, we have the amenities, services and the staff in place, to reduce, if not eliminate those hospital transfers. You have immediate access to clinical nurses and advance practice clinicians. Primary care physicians are here working together in everyday practice to monitor, evaluate, assess and implement appropriate medical interventions and treatment required to provide you comfort and avoid hospitalization.